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Original remote control SONY RM-ED030 (148771413) for Televisions


RM-ED030 (148771413) original remote control

Reference: RM-ED030 (148771413)
Other names: RMED030
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SONY RM-ED030 (148771413):

Replacement remote control for RM-ED030 (148771413)Replacement for RM-ED030 (148771413)26.50 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception


original remote control RM-ED030 (148771413) used for televisions KDL-52 LX 900, Bravia KDL-32P3000, KDL-40 D 3500, KDL-40D3400, KDL-46D3400, KDL-46D3500 for the brand Sony. This is an original remote control.


Brand: Sony
Remote controls Sony
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (televisions with cathode-ray tubes, TFT, plasma, LCD or LED), a wide variety of makes and models. You can find the original remotes for very model of television and the equivalent remotes, which can replace the originals, for the same model.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Sony BRAVIA (KDL-32 L4000E)Sony Bravia (KDL-32 L 4000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-32 L 4000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-32 P 5600)Sony Bravia (KDL-32P3000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-32P3000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-32S2020)
Sony Bravia (KDL-32U4000) Sony Bravia (KDL-37 P 3600)Sony Bravia (KDL-40V2000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-40V2000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-46V2000)
Sony Bravia (KDL-46V2000)
Sony KDL-19 S 5700
Sony KDL-19 S 5710 Sony KDL-19 S 5720 Sony KDL-19 S 5730 Sony KDL-20B4030 Sony KDL-20G3000
Sony KDL-20G3000LCD Sony KDL-20G3030 Sony KDL-20S3000 Sony KDL-20S3020 Sony KDL-20S3030
Sony KDL-20S3040 Sony KDL-20S3060 Sony KDL-22P5500 Sony KDL-22S5500 Sony KDL-23B4030
Sony KDL-26 P 3020 Sony KDL-26 P 3030 Sony KDL-26 S 2800 Sony KDL-26 S 2810 Sony KDL-26 S 2820
Sony KDL-26 S 3000 Sony KDL-26 S 3010 Sony KDL-26 S 3020 Sony KDL-26B4030 Sony KDL-26P3000
Sony KDL-26P3020 Sony KDL-26S2000 Sony KDL-26S2000E Sony KDL-26S2020 Sony KDL-26S2020E
Sony KDL-26S2030E Sony KDL-26S4000 Sony KDL-26S5550 Sony KDL-26T2600 Sony KDL-26T2800
Sony KDL-26T3000 Sony KDL-26U4000 Sony KDL-26V4000 Sony KDL-26V4220 Sony KDL-26V4240
Sony KDL-32 EX 501 Sony KDL-32 EX 700 Sony KDL-32 EX 710 Sony KDL-32 P 3030 Sony KDL-32 P 3550
Sony KDL-32 S 5500 Sony KDL-32 S 5500 E Sony KDL-32 S 5600 Sony KDL-32 S 5650 Sony KDL-32D2600
Sony KDL-32D2710 Sony KDL-32D2810 Sony KDL-32D2810LCD Sony KDL-32D3000 Sony KDL-32D3010
Sony KDL-32L4000U2 Sony KDL-32P300H Sony KDL-32P3020 Sony KDL-32P3500 Sony KDL-32P3600
Sony KDL-32P5550 Sony KDL-32S2010 Sony KDL-32S2020E Sony KDL-32S3000 Sony KDL-32S3020
Sony KDL-32S5550 Sony KDL-32S5650E Sony KDL-32T2800Sony KDL-32U3000
Sony KDL-32U3000
Sony KDL-32V4000
Sony KDL-32V4200 Sony KDL-32V4210 Sony KDL-32V4230 Sony KDL-32V4240 Sony KDL-37 P 3030
Sony KDL-37 P 5600 Sony KDL-37 P 5650 Sony KDL-37 S 5600 Sony KDL-37P3000 Sony KDL-37P300H
Sony KDL-37P3010 Sony KDL-37P3020 Sony KDL-37P5500 Sony KDL-37P5500LCD Sony KDL-37S4000LCD
Sony KDL-37S5500 Sony KDL-37S5600 Sony KDL-37S5650 Sony KDL-37U3000 Sony KDL-37U4000
Sony KDL-37V4000 Sony KDL-37V4230 Sony KDL-37V4240 Sony KDL-40 D 3500 Sony KDL-40 EX 403
Sony KDL-40 P 3600 Sony KDL-40 P 5500 Sony KDL-40 P 5600 Sony KDL-40 S 5600 Sony KDL-40D2600
Sony KDL-40D3010 Sony KDL-40D3400 Sony KDL-40D3500 Sony KDL-40D3550 Sony KDL-40D3550LCD
Sony KDL-40D3660 Sony KDL-40NX700 Sony KDL-40P3000 Sony KDL-40P300H Sony KDL-40P3020
Sony KDL-40P302H Sony KDL-40P3030 Sony KDL-40P3600-LCD Sony KDL-40P5600LCD Sony KDL-40P5650
Sony KDL-40S2000 Sony KDL-40S2800 Sony KDL-40S3000 Sony KDL-40S5500 Sony KDL-40S5500LCD
Sony KDL-40S5600LCD Sony KDL-40S5650 Sony KDL-40V3000 Sony KDL-40V3000LCD Sony KDL-46D3400
Sony KDL-46D3500 Sony KDL-46D3550 Sony KDL-46S3000 Sony KDL-52 LX 900 Sony KDL-55 X 4500
Sony KDL32S2000 Sony KDL32S4000 Sony KDL32T3000 Sony KDL37S4000 Sony KDL40D2810
Sony KDL46D3010 Sony KDL46S2000 Sony KDL46V250 Sony KDL46V3000 Sony RM-ED030
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power Tv, Input, Theatre, <</<II/<I, Play, I>/II>/>>, Sync Menu, I<<, Stop, >>I, ?/i-Manual, Scene, Top Menu, Menu, Digital/Analog, Exit, Internet Widgets, Internet Video, ♥, Guide, [i+]/[?], Return/Back, Options, Home, OK, Up, Right, Down, Left, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, [=], [...], Mute, Audio, Vol+, Vol-, Prog+, Prog-, Brightness, [+], 3D, Power

It uses 2 batteries of the type AA

1.5V alcaline batteries AA LR06, used in some kinds of remote controls

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Customer reviews
July 2021
My Polk P404 remote control replacement shipped quickly and works like a charm.
New Zealand
July 2021
Bravissimi, arrivato in brevissimo tempo, giĆ  pronto all'uso, servizio Ottimo!
Smooth transaction, fast shipping - perfect!
February 2022
This item has arrived this morning. Barely a week from date of shipment. That is fast and efficient service With the key maps sent, a few days of practice and we will forget the old remote.
January 2022
The best! i received the product and i will test...
Hello Mandis shop, the remote arrived today and it is working well. Thanks
November 2020
the remote arrived for my sharp AQUOS and it works perfectly it was quick to arrive good job
I'm glad to have a nicely working full replacement of the original remote control to my TECHNICS Audio System, that still works perfectly. Thank you!
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Replacement remote controls
26.50 €RM-ED030 (148771413)
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