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Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00939A for Televisions


BN59-00939A original remote control

Reference: BN59-00939A
Other names: BN5900939A
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SAMSUNG BN59-00939A:

Original remote control TM1260A (AA8300655A)TM1260A (AA8300655A)38.25 € (VAT included)This is an original remote control.Replacement remote control for BN59-00939AReplacement for BN59-00939A22.73 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception


original remote control BN59-00939A used for televisions LE 32 B 530 P 7 WXXC, LE32B550A5W LE32B550A5W QUA, LE32B550A5W LE32B550A5W QXC, LE32B550A5W LE 32 B 550 A 5 WXXC, LE32B550A5W LE32B550A5WXXN, LE32B550A5W LE32B550A5WXZG for the brand Samsung. This is an original remote control.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (televisions with cathode-ray tubes, TFT, plasma, LCD or LED), a wide variety of makes and models. You can find the original remotes for very model of television and the equivalent remotes, which can replace the originals, for the same model.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung B1930 HD Samsung BN59-00936A (V.2014) Samsung BN59-00939A Samsung CW21C73VS8X/XEC Samsung GTC6620
Samsung LE 19 C 450 E 1 WXXC Samsung LE 22 C 450 E 1 WXXN Samsung LE 22 C 450 E 1 WXZF Samsung LE 32 B 530 P 7 WXXC Samsung LE 32 B 541 P 7 WXXC
Samsung LE 32 B 554 M 2 WXXC Samsung LE 32 C 450 E 1 WXZF Samsung LE 32 C 450 E 1 WXZG Samsung LE 32 C 450 E 1 WXZT Samsung LE 37 B 530 P 7 WXXC
Samsung LE 37 B 550 A 5 WXXC Samsung LE 40 B 530 P 7 W Samsung LE 40 B 620 R 3 W Samsung LE32B530P7W Samsung LE32B530P7W (LE32B530P7WXXU)
Samsung LE32B530P7WXZG Samsung LE32B535P7W (LE32B535P7WXXE) Samsung LE32B541P7W (LE32B541P7WXBT) Samsung LE32B541P7W (LE32B541P7WXXH) Samsung LE32B550A5PXXC
Samsung LE32B550A5PXXN Samsung LE32B550A5PXZG Samsung LE32B550A5W (LE 32 B 550 A 5 WXXC) Samsung LE32B550A5W (LE32B550A5W QUA) Samsung LE32B550A5W (LE32B550A5W QXC)
Samsung LE32B550A5W (LE32B550A5WXXN) Samsung LE32B550A5W (LE32B550A5WXZG) Samsung LE32B550A5W/QUA Samsung LE32B550A5W/QXC Samsung LE32B550A5W/XXH
Samsung LE32B550A5WQXU Samsung LE32B550A5WXBT Samsung LE32B550A5WXXU Samsung LE32B551A6PXXC Samsung LE32B551A6PXXN
Samsung LE32B551A6PXZG Samsung LE32B551A6W/QBT Samsung LE32B551A6W/QRU Samsung LE32B551A6W/QXH Samsung LE32B551A6W/QXU
Samsung LE32B551A6W/XXH Samsung LE32B551A6WXBT Samsung LE32B551A6WXXC Samsung LE32B551A6WXXN Samsung LE32B551A6WXXU
Samsung LE32B551A6WXZG Samsung LE32B553M3PXXC Samsung LE32B553M3PXXN Samsung LE32B553M3PXZG Samsung LE32B553M3WXRU
Samsung LE32B553M3WXXC Samsung LE32B553M3WXXH Samsung LE32B553M3WXXN Samsung LE32B553M3WXXU Samsung LE32B554M2PXXN
Samsung LE32B554M2PXZG Samsung LE32B554M2W/XXH Samsung LE32B554M2WXXN Samsung LE32B554M2WXXU Samsung LE32B555A5PXXE
Samsung LE32B556A6PXXE Samsung LE32B556A6WXXE Samsung LE32B557M2PXXE Samsung LE32B557M2WXXE Samsung LE32B558M3PXXE
Samsung LE32B558M3WXXE Samsung LE32B579A5SXZG Samsung LE32C450E1W Samsung LE37B530P7W (LE37B530P7WXXH) Samsung LE37B530P7WXZG
Samsung LE37B550A5PXXC Samsung LE37B550A5PXXN Samsung LE37B550A5PXZG Samsung LE37B550A5WQXU Samsung LE37B550A5WXXH
Samsung LE37B550A5WXXN Samsung LE37B550A5WXXU Samsung LE37B550A5WXZG Samsung LE37B551 Samsung LE37B551A6PXXC
Samsung LE37B551A6PXXN Samsung LE37B551A6WXBT Samsung LE37B551A6WXXC Samsung LE37B551A6WXXH Samsung LE37B551A6WXXU
Samsung LE37B553M3PXXC Samsung LE37B553M3PXXN Samsung LE37B553M3W/XXC Samsung LE37B553M3WQXU Samsung LE37B553M3WXRU
Samsung LE37B553M3WXXH Samsung LE37B553M3WXXN Samsung LE37B553M3WXXU Samsung LE37B554M2PXXC Samsung LE37B554M2PXXN
Samsung LE37B554M2PXZG Samsung LE37B554M2WXXH Samsung LE37B554M2WXXU Samsung LE37B554M2WXZG Samsung LE37B555A5PXXE
Samsung LE37B555A5WXXE Samsung LE37B556A6PXXE Samsung LE37B556A6WXXE Samsung LE37B557M2PXXE Samsung LE37B557M2WXXE
Samsung LE37B558M3PXXE Samsung LE37B558M3WXXE Samsung LE37B579A5SXZG Samsung LE40B530P7W (LE40B530P7W/XXU) Samsung LE40B530P7WXXC
Samsung LE40B530P7WXXH Samsung LE40B541P7W Samsung LE40B541P7W (LE 40 B 541 P 7 W) Samsung LE40B541P7WXXC Samsung LE40B550A5P/XZG
Samsung LE40B550A5PXXC Samsung LE40B550A5PXXN Samsung LE40B550A5W (LE 40 B 550 A 5 W) Samsung LE40B550A5W (LE40B550A5W/XXH) Samsung LE40B550A5W (LE40B550A5W/XXU)
Samsung LE40B550A5W-QUA Samsung LE40B550A5W/QXC Samsung LE40B550A5W/QXU Samsung LE40B550A5W/XXN Samsung LE40B550A5WXXC
Samsung LE40B551A6PXXC Samsung LE40B551A6PXXN Samsung LE40B551A6PXZG Samsung LE40B551A6W QUA Samsung LE40B551A6WQXU
Samsung LE40B551A6WXRU Samsung LE40B551A6WXXC Samsung LE40B551A6WXXH Samsung LE40B551A6WXXN Samsung LE40B551A6WXXU
Samsung LE40B551A6WXZG Samsung LE40B553M3PXXC Samsung LE40B553M3PXXN Samsung LE40B553M3PXZG Samsung LE40B553M3WXBT
Samsung LE40B553M3WXRU Samsung LE40B553M3WXXC Samsung LE40B553M3WXXH Samsung LE40B553M3WXXN Samsung LE40B553M3WXXU
Samsung LE40B553M3WXZG Samsung LE40B554M2PXXC Samsung LE40B554M2PXXN Samsung LE40B554M2WXXC Samsung LE40B554M2WXXH
Samsung LE40B554M2WXXN Samsung LE40B554M2WXXU Samsung LE40B554M2WXZG Samsung LE40B555A5PXXE Samsung LE40B555A5WXXE
Samsung LE40B556A6PXXE Samsung LE40B557M2PXXE Samsung LE40B557M2WXXE Samsung LE40B558M3PXXE Samsung LE40B558M3WXXE
Samsung LE40B579A5SXZG Samsung LE40B620R3PXXC Samsung LE40B620R3PXXH Samsung LE40B620R3PXXN Samsung LE40B620R3PXZG
Samsung LE40B620R3W QXU Samsung LE40B620R3WQUA Samsung LE40B620R3WQXC Samsung LE40B620R3WXRU Samsung LE40B620R3WXXC
Samsung LE40B620R3WXXH Samsung LE40B620R3WXXN Samsung LE40B620R3WXXU Samsung LE40B620R3WXZG Samsung LE46B530P7W/XXC
Samsung LE46B550A5PXXC Samsung LE46B550A5PXXN Samsung LE46B550A5PXZG Samsung LE46B550A5W/QXU Samsung LE46B550A5WXBT
Samsung LE46B550A5WXCS Samsung LE46B550A5WXRU Samsung LE46B550A5WXXH Samsung LE46B550A5WXXN Samsung LE46B551A6PXXC
Samsung LE46B551A6PXXN Samsung LE46B551A6PXZG Samsung LE46B551A6W/QXU Samsung LE46B551A6W/XXC Samsung LE46B551A6WXRU
Samsung LE46B551A6WXXH Samsung LE46B551A6WXXN Samsung LE46B551A6WXXU Samsung LE46B553M3PXXC Samsung LE46B553M3PXXN
Samsung LE46B553M3PXZG Samsung LE46B553M3WXRU Samsung LE46B553M3WXXH Samsung LE46B553M3WXXU Samsung LE46B554M2PXXC
Samsung LE46B554M2PXXN Samsung LE46B554M2PXZG Samsung LE46B554M2W/XXC Samsung LE46B554M2WXXN Samsung LE46B554M2WXXU
Samsung LE46B554M2WXZG Samsung LE46B555A5PXXE Samsung LE46B555A5WXXE Samsung LE46B556A6PXXE Samsung LE46B556A6WXXE
Samsung LE46B557M2PXXE Samsung LE46B557M2WXXE Samsung LE46B558M3PXXE Samsung LE46B558M3WXXE Samsung LE46B620R3PXXC
Samsung LE46B620R3PXXH Samsung LE46B620R3PXXN Samsung LE46B620R3PXZG Samsung LE46B620R3W/QXC Samsung LE46B620R3WXBT
Samsung LE46B620R3WXRU Samsung LE46B620R3WXXC Samsung LE46B620R3WXXH Samsung LE46B620R3WXXN Samsung LE46B620R3WXXU
Samsung LE46B625R3WXXE Samsung LE52B620R3PXXC Samsung LE52B620R3PXXH Samsung LE52B620R3PXZG Samsung LE52B620R3W/QBT
Samsung LE52B620R3W/QRU Samsung LE52B620R3W/QXU Samsung LE52B620R3WXBT Samsung LE52B620R3WXCS Samsung LE52B620R3WXUA
Samsung LE52B620R3WXXC Samsung LE52B620R3WXXH Samsung LE52B620R3WXXN Samsung LE52B620R3WXXU Samsung LE52B625R3WXXE
Samsung LS 19 PTD SF / EN Samsung PS 42 C 430 A 1 WXXC Samsung PS 50 A 426 C 1 M/XZF Samsung PS 50 B 451 B 2 W Samsung PS 50 C 450 B 1 WXXC
Samsung PS42B450B1WXXC Samsung PS42B451B2WXXC Samsung PS42B451B2WXXH Samsung PS42B451B2WXXU Samsung PS42C450B1W
Samsung PS50B451B2WXXC Samsung PS50B530S2WXXC Samsung PS50B550T4V/XXC Samsung PS50B550T4WXXC Samsung PS50B551T3WXRU
Samsung PS50B551T3WXXC Samsung PS50B555T4WXXE Samsung PS50B560T7WXXU Samsung PS50B579T6SXZG Samsung PS50C450B1W
Samsung RBLE32B530P7NRXU Samsung UE 32 B 6000 VP/XXC Samsung UE 32 B 6000 VP/XZG Samsung UE 32 B 6000 VW/XXC Samsung UE 32 B 6000 VW/XXH
Samsung UE 32 B 6000 VW/XXU Samsung UE 32 B 6050 VW/XXE Samsung UE 37 B 6000 VW/XXC Samsung UE 40 B 6000 VP/XAB Samsung UE 40 B 6000 VP/XXC
Samsung UE 40 B 6000 VW Samsung UE 40 B 6050 VP/XXE Samsung UE 40 B 6050 VW/XXE Samsung UE32B6000VWXBT Samsung UE32B6000VWXCS
Samsung UE32B6000VWXRU Samsung UE32B6000VWXUA Samsung UE32B6000VWXXN Samsung UE37B6000VPXXN Samsung UE37B6000VPXZG
Samsung UE37B6000VW (UE 37 B 6000 VW/XRU) Samsung UE37B6000VW (UE 37 B 6000 VW/XUA) Samsung UE37B6000VW (UE 37 B 6000 VW/XXU) Samsung UE37B6000VW (UE 37 B 6000 VW/XZG) Samsung UE37B6000VW (UE37B6000VWXXH)
Samsung UE37B6000VWXRU Samsung UE37B6000VWXUA Samsung UE37B6000VWXXH Samsung UE37B6000VWXXU Samsung UE37B6000VWXZG
Samsung UE37B6050VWXXE Samsung UE40B6000VWXXC Samsung UE40B6000VWXXH Samsung UE40B6000VWXXN Samsung UE40B6000VWXZG
Samsung UE46B6000VPXXC Samsung UE46B6000VPXXH Samsung UE46B6000VPXXN Samsung UE46B6000VPXZG Samsung UE46B6000VW
Samsung UE46B6000VW (UE 46 B 6000 VW) Samsung UE46B6000VWXCS Samsung UE46B6000VWXXN Samsung UE46B6000VWXZG Samsung UE46B6050VWXXE
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power, Tv, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, FAV CH, PRE CH, Mute, Source, Vol+, Vol-, PR+, PR-, Info, Menu, Guide, Tools, Return, CH LIST, Exit, Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, TTX/MIX, Dual, Media P, P SIZE, AD, SUBT, <<, Pause, >>, Rec, Play, Stop

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Customer reviews
March 2022
got just my remote for a Crown TV with almost 10years old and works perfect, just added the batteries and started pressing all buttons. very fast delivery in two working days
February 2022
Replacement Metz remote arrived after 4 weeks but works perfectly well. Slow delivery probably due to COVID restrictions. Thank you for the quality product.
J & S Payne,
October 2022
Excellent replacement Remote Control, works very well, thank you.
October 2022
Excellent service, quick delivery and my new remote works exactly as specified
United Kingdom
March 2021
Thanks you that you push up. Today i received that And working. Thanks! Greetings from Lapland.
Hi there, really magic fast delivery on the second christmas day! The shipment took 4 days to Portugal at christmas time. The remote works perfectly either! What more can I praise? Peter
October 2021
package received very quick thank you ,
October 2021
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Replacement remote controls
38.25 €TM1260A (AA8300655A)22.73 €BN59-00939A
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