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Replacement remote control Panasonic N2QAYB000487 | 21.90 € + VAT


Replacement remote control N2QAYB000487

Reference: N2QAYB000487
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Price without VAT21.90 €
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Final price21.90 €
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Shipping to United States: 12.50 € (Standard shipping (no tracking), 2 - 3 weeks)

When purchasing the remote, a document will be sent detailing the relationship between the buttons of the original control and those of the replacement remote.


Remote control to replace the original and all its functions. It is not a universal remote but a substitute for the original. You will receive the remote ready to use: you only need to install the batteries. It is not necessary to program it. We offer you our full guarantee that the remote will perform all the functions of the original.


Brand: Panasonic
Remote controls Panasonic

Some of the models that use this remote are

Panasonic EUR7651120 Panasonic N2QAYB000222[DVD] Panasonic N2QAYB000239[DVD] Panasonic N2QAYB000350 Panasonic N2QAYB000354
Panasonic N2QAYB000487 Panasonic TH-32 LRG 20 B Panasonic TH-32 LRG 20 E Panasonic TH-37 PA 50 E (TV+DVD) Panasonic TH-37 PD 60 EH
Panasonic TH-37 PV 7 F Panasonic TH-37 PX 8 E Panasonic TH-37 PX 81 FV Panasonic TH-37PA50EY Panasonic TH-37PA60E
Panasonic TH-37PD60E Panasonic TH-37PE55 Panasonic TH-37PV60EH Panasonic TH-37PX60 Panasonic TH-37PX60E
Panasonic TH-37PX70 Panasonic TH-37PX80E Panasonic TH-42 LRG 20 B Panasonic TH-42 PA 40 E Panasonic TH-42 PA 50 E
Panasonic TH-42 PD 60 EH
Panasonic TH-42 PD 60 EH
Panasonic TH-42 PE 50 B Panasonic TH-42 PV 45 E Panasonic TH-42 PV 7 EY Panasonic TH-42 PV 7 F
Panasonic TH-42 PV 7 P Panasonic TH-42 PX 60 EH Panasonic TH-42 PX 8 E Panasonic TH-42 PZ 80 E Panasonic TH-42 PZ 81 E
Panasonic TH-42 PZH 8 FV Panasonic TH-42PA45 Panasonic TH-42PA50 Panasonic TH-42PA50A Panasonic TH-42PA50EY
Panasonic TH-42PA50R Panasonic TH-42PA60 Panasonic TH-42PD60X Panasonic TH-42PE50PED Panasonic TH-42PE55E
Panasonic TH-42PV45EH Panasonic TH-42PV45EHK Panasonic TH-42PV60EH Panasonic TH-42PV60RH Panasonic TH-42PX60E
Panasonic TH-42PX60EN Panasonic TH-42PX62E Panasonic TH-42PX63E Panasonic TH-42PX63EH Panasonic TH-42PX80B
Panasonic TH-42PX80E Panasonic TH-42PX80EA Panasonic TH-42PX8ES Panasonic TH-42PY70PA Panasonic TH-42PZ700B
Panasonic TH-42PZ700EA Panasonic TH-42PZ70E Panasonic TH-42PZ800E Panasonic TH-42PZ80B Panasonic TH-42PZ85EA
Panasonic TH-42PZ86FV Panasonic TH-42PZ8ES Panasonic TH-46 PZ 80 E Panasonic TH-46 PZ 82 E Panasonic TH-46PZ86FV
Panasonic TH-50 PX 8 E Panasonic TH-50 PZ 700 E Panasonic TH-50 PZ 80 E Panasonic TH-50 PZ 81 E Panasonic TH-50PV60E
Panasonic TH-50PV7F Panasonic TH-50PX60B Panasonic TH-50PX6U Panasonic TH-50PX8EA Panasonic TH-50PZ70E
Panasonic TH-50PZ80EA Panasonic TH-58 PZ 800 E Panasonic TH-65 PZ 800 E Panasonic TH-D 42 PN 83 EA Panasonic TH-D42PS81E
Panasonic TH-H 42 Z 8 A Panasonic TH-H42X8 Panasonic TH37PX8EA Panasonic TH42PV7HSPanasonic TH42PX8EA
Panasonic TH42PX8EA
Panasonic TH42PZ80Q Panasonic THD-42PT84E Panasonic TX-19 LED 8 FS Panasonic TX-26 LED 8 F Panasonic TX-26 LMD 70 F
Panasonic TX-26 LX 50 F Panasonic TX-26 LX 50 P Panasonic TX-26 LX 52 F Panasonic TX-26 LX 70 F Panasonic TX-26 LX 70 P
Panasonic TX-26 LXD 50 Panasonic TX-26 LXD 52 Panasonic TX-26 LXD 80 F Panasonic TX-32 LED 8 F Panasonic TX-32 LMD 70 FA
Panasonic TX-32 LX 50 F Panasonic TX-32 LX 50 P Panasonic TX-32 LX 52 F Panasonic TX-32 LX 52 L Panasonic TX-32 LX 70 F
Panasonic TX-32 LX 70 L Panasonic TX-32 LXD 50 Panasonic TX-32 LXD 52 Panasonic TX-32 LXD 65 F Panasonic TX-32 LXD 700
Panasonic TX-32 LXD 71 F Panasonic TX-32 LXD 8 Panasonic TX-32 LXD 80 Panasonic TX-32 LXD 80 F Panasonic TX-32 LXD 81 FV
Panasonic TX-32 LXD 85 F Panasonic TX-32 LXD 86 FV Panasonic TX-32 LZD 80 Panasonic TX-32 LZD 80 F Panasonic TX-32 LZD 81
Panasonic TX-32 LZD 81 FV Panasonic TX-32 LZD 85 F Panasonic TX-32LED7FM Panasonic TX-32LX50 Panasonic TX-32LX52
Panasonic TX-32LXD55 Panasonic TX-32LXD80A Panasonic TX-32LXD85 Panasonic TX-32LXD85F Panasonic TX-37 LXD 85
Panasonic TX-37 LZD 70 Panasonic TX-37 LZD 80 F Panasonic TX-37LXD85F Panasonic TX-37LXD86FV Panasonic TX-37LZD70F
Panasonic TX-37LZD800F Panasonic TX-37LZD81FV Panasonic TX-37LZD85F Panasonic TX-D 26 LQ 81 F Panasonic TX-D 37 LQ 81 F
Panasonic TX-L 22 X 20 L Panasonic TX-L 26 C 20 E Panasonic TX-L 32 C 2 B Panasonic TX-L 32 C 2 EA Panasonic TX-L 32 C 20 E
Panasonic TX-L 32 C 3 ES Panasonic TX-L 32 C 5 E Panasonic TX-L 32 C 5 ES Panasonic TX-L 32 CX 3 E Panasonic TX-L 32 E 3 E
Panasonic TX-L 32 G 10 E Panasonic TX-L 32 S 20 E Panasonic TX-L 32 S 20 ES Panasonic TX-L 32 U 3 B Panasonic TX-L 32 X 10 YA
Panasonic TX-L 32 X 20 B Panasonic TX-L 32 X 20 E Panasonic TX-L 32 X 25 ES Panasonic TX-L 37 E 3 E Panasonic TX-L 37 G 10 E
Panasonic TX-L 37 S 20 BA Panasonic TX-L 37 S 20 E Panasonic TX-L 37 S 20 ES Panasonic TX-L 37 U 2 E Panasonic TX-L 37 U 3 E
Panasonic TX-L 42 U 2 E Panasonic TX-L19X5B Panasonic TX-L19X5E Panasonic TX-L42U2B Panasonic TX-LF 32 G 10
Panasonic TX-LF 32 S 20 Panasonic TX-LF 37 G 10 Panasonic TX-LF42S20E Panasonic TX-LR19X5 Panasonic TX-LR24X5
Panasonic TX-P 37 X 20 L Panasonic TX-P 42 C 2 E Panasonic TX-P 42 G 10 E Panasonic TX-P 42 GS 11 Panasonic TX-P 42 S 20 E
Panasonic TX-P 42 S 20 ES Panasonic TX-P 42 UX 30 E Panasonic TX-P 42 X 20 E Panasonic TX-P 46 U 20 E Panasonic TX-P 50 C 2 E
Panasonic TX-P 50 C 3 E Panasonic TX-P 50 U 20 E Panasonic TX-P 50 U 30 E Panasonic TX-P42CX3E Panasonic TX-P42X10
Panasonic TX-P42X20E Panasonic TX-PF 42 G 10 Panasonic TX-PF 42 S 10 Panasonic TX-PF 46 S 20 Panasonic TX-PF 50 G 10
Panasonic TX-PR 42 C 2 Panasonic TX26LX70 Panasonic TXL42U5BPanasonic VIERA (TH-42 PD 60 E)
Panasonic VIERA (TH-42 PD 60 E)
Panasonic Viera (TH-37 PX 60 EH)
Panasonic Viera (TXL42U5E)

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Interactive keymap

Download PDF

Frequently asked questions
If I buy the remote, do I have to do something else or it directly works without entering any code?
The remote will work by just putting the batteries on.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions, even when the original remote controls several devices. In the replacement remote we can program the fields of different devices (TV, DVD, SAT and AUX), this way we can include all the functions of the original remote control. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
What is the Shift key on the replacement remote used for?
The Shift key allows you to double the number of functions that the replacement remote control can perform. For example, pressing Shift followed by the Power key (Shift + Power) performs a different function than when you press the Power key directly.
Not all the remotes need to use the Shift key, only those that due to their large number of keys can not execute all the functions with direct keys.
How can I know which keys of the replacement remote control perform the functions of the original remote?
When we send the remote control, we also send a document with the correspondence of the keys between the replacement and the original remote controls which allows you to know how to perform the functions of the original remote. Sometimes it is available on the web so you can download it.

Can I use the remote control for other devices?
The remote control can be used for other devices, but first it has to be reprogrammed for thouse devices. Once it has been sent, to reprogram it, you need a special program and cable.
Customer reviews
August 2020
Very good!
September 2020
Shipped and delivered at a reasonable time and price. The replacement remote works well for my game capture box. :)
March 2020
Very good and polite service kept up to date and delivered on time.
September 2020
Good price and speedy delivery, great replacement for original remote. Highly recommended seller.
United Kingdom
Smooth transaction, fast shipping - perfect!
January 2020
The product arrived 2 days after it was ordered and in a very good condition. It works perfectly. Thanks
November 2020
the remote arrived for my sharp AQUOS and it works perfectly it was quick to arrive good job
September 2019
Excellent service all round and replacement RC supplied is perfect. Many thanks
United Kingdom
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