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Remote controls KENSTAR

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Kenstar original remote controls

Original remote control KENSTAR VUTDTVOriginal remote control KENSTAR VUTDTVNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor S 322 LD, S2112CD, N 1401 C-DUT, N1401DUT, N1403CD, S 1401 CBDUT, 21 RXD 8, NK 14 XD 8, UTV 14 X 83 DUT, UTV 20 X 83 DUT, ...Original remote control KENSTAR VG-DTV (08011574)Original remote control KENSTAR VG-DTV (08011574)Not available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor N 3202 LBD, N 2602 LBD, S 3201 LBDOriginal remote control KENSTAR 08011071Original remote control KENSTAR 08011071Not available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor 08011071, N 1902 LBD, S1401CBD, S 1902 LBD, VDC1902LBD, N2001LBD, 1902 LBD, S 1401 C, S1401CBD, S1403C, S 2101 COriginal remote control KENSTAR VMT-DTVOriginal remote control KENSTAR VMT-DTVNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor N263LD, VMT-DTV, S 322 LD, N222LD, N223LD, N323LD, N 263 LD (ver. 2), VST-DTV, S323LD, N326LD, N324LDFOriginal remote control KENSTAR S1503LBDOriginal remote control KENSTAR S1503LBDNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor VDC1503LBD, S 1503 LBDOriginal remote control KENSTAR ASR100GIIIOriginal remote control KENSTAR ASR100GIIINot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor TV 29 RFM 3, CRTVJQ 2901 F, NKV 21 RF 6, REN 29 SF 02, RENC 21 S 01, SL 2104, SL 2106 RF, UTV21X73PFM, UTV 8029 PA, ...Original remote control KENSTAR VSTDTVOriginal remote control KENSTAR VSTDTVNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor S323LD, BV323Original remote control KENSTAR VU-DTVOriginal remote control KENSTAR VU-DTVNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor S 322 LDOriginal remote control KENSTAR Nordmende (VST-DTV)Original remote control KENSTAR Nordmende (VST-DTV)Not available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor N263LD, VST-DTV, S323LDOriginal remote control KENSTAR REMCON374Original remote control KENSTAR REMCON374Not available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor S 1401 CU, SL 20 C 1-U, UTV 14X73 UOriginal remote control KENSTAR BT-0453AOriginal remote control KENSTAR BT-0453ANot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor N2001LBD, UTV 20 X 83 D, UTV 21 X 83 D, EL 2027 A, S 2001 CD, UTV 14X83 DOriginal remote control KENSTAR ST-06ROriginal remote control KENSTAR ST-06RNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarFor CRTVJQ 1401, S 1401 C, S 2001 C, S 2101 C, KECR 2061 (ver. 2), T 1490, NKV 20 C 2, NKV 21 C 2, N 1411 C, ...Remote control for KENSTAR MV-224G Remote control for KENSTAR MV-224G Not available(see available equivalences)KenstarOriginal remote control KENSTAR S3201LBOriginal remote control KENSTAR S3201LBNot available(see available equivalences)KenstarOriginal remote control KENSTAR S1403COriginal remote control KENSTAR S1403CNot availableKenstarFor S 1401 C, S1401CBD, S1403C, S 2101 C

Replacement Kenstar remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Kenstar WHV14767Replacement remote control Kenstar WHV14767Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)KenstarFor S2112CDReplacement remote control Kenstar ASR100G-IIIReplacement remote control Kenstar ASR100G-IIIAvailable in stock22.73 € (VAT included)KenstarFor ASR 100 G-IIIReplacement remote control Kenstar S1403CB1UTReplacement remote control Kenstar S1403CB1UTAvailable in stock22.73 € (VAT included)KenstarFor S 1403 CB 1 UTReplacement remote control Kenstar S2001CReplacement remote control Kenstar S2001CAvailable in stock22.73 € (VAT included)KenstarFor S 2001 CReplacement remote control Kenstar S2001CUReplacement remote control Kenstar S2001CUAvailable in stock22.73 € (VAT included)KenstarFor S 2001 CU
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